Ender Lilly Dev announced Redemption Reapers, a new “dark fantasy tactical RPG” coming in early 2023.

update [Sat 28th Jan, 2023 03:55 GMT]: Binary Haze Interactive has now confirmed that Reapers Redemption will be coming to Nintendo Switch next month on February 22nd. Additionally, a new gameplay preview trailer has also been released. Check it out above.

Original article [Tue 13th Dec, 2022 05:00 GMT]: If you’re a fan of tactical RPGs, you’ll want to take note of Redemption Reapers coming to Switch in February 2023.

This dark fantasy tactical RPG is based on AdGlobe and Binary Haze Interactive (Ender Lilies: The Silence of the Knights.) is being brought to life by industry luminaries such as Masayuki Horikawa – known for his work as director and scenery/level designer on the Fire Emblem series, and also planning Kingdom Hearts III.

Here’s a bit about the story, and what to expect from the gameplay, courtesy of PR:

Hope is lost throughout the land after the sudden appearance of merciless mortal armies. As effective as they are brutal, insidious forces descend upon civilizations, leaving destruction in their wake in their nightly forays. As entire nations come under deadly attack, the Ashhawk Brigade, a group of mercenaries specializing in surprise tactics, come together to fight against the invading legions.

Lead the Ashen Hawk Brigade in tactical skirmishes on 3D maps. Use strategic maneuvers, directing units on the battlefield before issuing commands to attack, defend, or deploy skills during each turn. Overcome seemingly insurmountable odds by mastering sneak attacks from multiple brigade members for extra damage or powerful combo strikes.

Make sure each member of the brigade is fit for the trials ahead by equipping the party with powerful gear. Turn hard-earned loot into resources to craft awesome weapons and armor. Upgrade skills to unlock combat abilities capable of turning a ragtag squad of underdogs into heroic champions.

Carve through Mort and uncover a gripping, compelling story of wartime struggle. Witness the powerful moments that unfold between members of the brigade during fully voiced scenes (recorded in English and Japanese audio) as the warriors learn more about their allies and the world around them. Guide the Ashhawk Brigade’s rise from obscurity to folk heroes as the members confront a deadly – and despicable – organization known as the “Disloyal Reapers” with their own dark pasts.

It will also feature a “star-studded” voice cast including Kyle McCarley, Allegra Clarke, David Lodge and Lucian Dodge. These people have contributed to the series viz 13 Sentinels, NieR: Automata, Dragon Age, Personality 5, Final Fantasy XVfire sign and The trails Series

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