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Driver Shocked To See A Little Boy In Pajamas Alone In The Cold At Four In The Morning

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Driver Shocked To See A Little Boy In Pajamas Alone In The Cold At Four In The Morning

In February of 2021, David Gehrke didn’t know that he would end up becoming a life-saving hero that night to a 5-year-old boy in West Bend, Wisconsin.

Little Maddox Pierce was wandering outside of his home in the middle of a freezing cold winter. In an interview with Gehrke, he said, “It was snowing, blowing and miserable.” Around 4 AM, he was clearing the streets since he is a snowplow driver when he noticed something moving by his wing blade. And when he looked, he quickly realized what it was.

Gehrke said, “I realized that was not a dog or a deer, that was a small little boy just dressed in a pair of zip-up onesie pajammies. The light on the side of my truck illuminated him. At 4 a.m., what is he doing out here?”

When Gehrke found him, he was not too far from his house but that this doesn’t really matter because of how cold the weather was that day. Everyone knows that 5-year-old Maddox could have easily frozen to death if Gehrke didn’t find him. He somehow managed to have gotten out of their house without anyone noticing.

And of course, it did not occur to him that he would need to put on a jacket, a hat, or even shoes.

He said that as he drove by, the little boy looked up at him. He immediately stopped his truck and made sure to bring the boy to safety. He tried to warm him up before he called the police. Gehrke said, “I immediately took my jacket off and wrapped it around him and put him in the truck.

I called police dispatch. I got the heat blasting in the truck. I’ll keep him warm until we get help on the way. ”

And when officers arrived at the scene, they drove Maddox home. They asked him why he left the house on his own. The boy told the officers that he woke up and was afraid that he was all alone in the house which of course, they, later on, found out that he was not. So Maddox decided to walk to his grandfather’s house.

According to Brittany Weissenburger, Maddox’s mom, she was working at the time and had no idea that he had gone out of bed and walk out the door. She also was confident that he was safe at home because his 14-year-old aunt was in the house babysitting. However, the aunt fell asleep so early that morning that she did not notice Maddox going out of the house.

The mom said, “I’ve been a mess since everything happened. He’s never ever done anything like that before.”

She said that she was extremely grateful for Gehrke who saved her son. She said, “I’m so thankful. Like, what are the odds he would find him at that exact moment, that he pretty much came outside? He just exited our townhouse, walked down the road a little bit and he was found.”

She talked to her son about what happened and the innocent 5-year-old said: “Just (going) for a walk.”

David Gehrke said that he is just glad that he was in the right place at the right time. Also, that he was alert enough to see little Maddox.