Donika Gërvalla answers the question of whether Kosovo wants to join Albania.

In an interview with a Portuguese newspaper, Kosovo Foreign Minister Donika Garvala was also asked about Kosovo-Albania relations, whether there are still ideas of unification or whether it is still possible to continue building two states. . The fact is that they belong to one race and one language.

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Gërvalla said the fact that 95% of Kosovo’s people speak Albanian is a very important bridge for relations with Albania, which Gërvalla says is “our first neighbor and our most important partner. “.

But she adds that the Republic of Kosovo has nowhere to go and that is a fact. Gërvalla told the Portuguese newspaper that Kosovo and Albania could join the EU together.

He said that the Republic of Kosovo is not going anywhere, this is a fact and we are working hard to build a democratic, just and prosperous state so that together with Albania we can join the European Union in the future. said the chief diplomat of Kosovo.

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