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Doctors Removes 30 Pounds Of Poop From Him After 22 Years Of Being Constipated

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Doctors Removes 30 Pounds Of Poop From Him After 22 Years Of Being Constipated

Constipation is not fun. Yes, it happens once in a while, but if you are experiencing it constantly, then you should get it checked. But this man had to live with it for 22 years!

The man remains to be unnamed, but yes, for over two decades, this man from China had to deal with constipation. This is because he has Hirschsprung’s disease. This disease affects the large intestines or the colon. It makes it difficult to pass stool. This condition is present at birth and is usually diagnosed early in life. But for this man, he reached the adult age until he can’t take his condition anymore.

Dr. David Rosenfeld from The Doctors explained that it is unlikely that this man was not using the bathroom all this time. But he is sure that he had difficulty every time he has to go. According to Dr.

Rosenfield, the man looked like he was “pregnant. ” But for the 22 years that he was not able to properly poop, all the waste that needed to go caused a buildup inside his body. In fact, the doctors found 30 pounds of poop inside his body.

The Chinese doctors were able to successfully remove it from his body. According to the patient, he had been suffering from constipation all his life. He had to use laxatives but those can only offer a brief relief. When his symptoms got worse, he finally went to the doctor to have it checked.

The tests conducted proved that he had indeed months, or probably years worth of poop inside a portion of his colon. This caused tremendous swelling of his abdomen.

Dr. Yin Lu was the one who leads the operation. He said that they have to remove the enlarged part of his colon and it lasted for three hours. After removing his gut, they had to stitch up both ends to stop the feces from falling out.

According to the Mayo Clinic, Hirschsprung’s disease affects 1 out of 5000 babies. However, there are others whose disease is diagnosed when they become adults. The disease is common in males and is associated with a certain inherited condition like Down’s syndrome as well as other abnormalities that are present at birth like congenital heart disease.

Hirschsprung’s disease is congenital and causes visually noticeable symptoms from birth. But there are instances where the symptoms are not obvious until they are older. Some would develop extreme constipation who will need stoma surgery where a small passage on the abdomen is created in order to divert the flow of feces into the pouch.

So how would the doctors know that the baby has a Hirschsprung’s disease. One of the symptoms includes not passing dark poop within 48 hours after being born. This is called meconium.

There are also other symptoms to look out for like swollen stomach, gassy, diarrhea, and also when the baby is throwing up green fluids. For young children, symptoms would be a swollen stomach, persistent constipation, loss of appetite, and gaining too much weight.

For this disease, surgery is a must. This is why paying attention to your body is important. Only you can tell if you are suffering from these symptoms. And if you do, talk to your doctor before it’s too late.