Details of the action “Brezovica” which killed the “Criminal Head”, two brothers of Enver Hoxhaj and Hashem Thai also came there.

Many politicians and businessmen in Kosovo were shocked by the Brezovica operation, where 75 super-luxury villas belonging to politicians were confiscated.

Among the 75 villas temporarily occupied by the Court of Peja include the villas of 3 judges, where we are talking about the villa of Court of Ferries President Mustafa Tahir, the then Supreme Court Judge Agham Maliki. I. As the second judge, Bashkam Hesini.

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Security expert and former deputy interior minister Hajrullah Tarnawa is looking for this form of war against organized crime and corruption.

He says that the government should not stop but should “beat the crime head on”, no matter who it is.

Trnava says that Brežovica’s action reassured the people of Kosovo that the government has the courage to confront the crimes committed by the state’s big men.

According to him, voters should take this fact into consideration in the next elections, and still vote for this government for another government in the future.

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“This is because I have to continue the fight against organized crime, and rid this country once and for all of the crimes that the powerful of the state have committed, and to this day, previous governments have never done. “They were not interested in fighting organized crime because they themselves were involved in it,” says Tarnava.

He claims that the citizens are hoping that the current government will not stop and continue the war against the crime of corruption.

“Citizens are anticipating that the prosecutions across Kosovo will deal the biggest blow to crime in Kosovo ever, especially after the first phase of the investigation has been finalised, into criminal ties to politics, dirty business and Seizures of the justice system. The case of the villas in Brezovica, where the court granted the request of the Special Prosecutor’s Office to order the temporary seizure of 75 villas in Brezovica”.

Hajar Allah Tarnawa.

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The expert says that nothing is secret and unknown to the public.

“The list of 75 seized properties includes the names of owners of all levels of judges, politicians, businessmen and other citizens, but now this list is also sealed by the court and the decision of confiscation pending completion of detailed investigation and Trial”, he claims.

According to the court case documents, the seized villas were built in Zone II of the “Shari” National Park – in the Brezovica area, in which construction is prohibited under the “Shari” National Park Law.

“What stands out in this list are the three judges of Ferizaj, who are judges at all three levels of the judiciary. The third initially bought plots in 2016 while in recent years they have built villas. We are talking. Speaking about the President of the Basic Court in Ferizaj, Mustafa Tahir, the former President of the Basic Court in Ferizaj, Bashkam Hessenin, who is currently a Judge of the Court of Appeal, as well as the former Judge of the Basic Court in Ferizaj, Ajim Maliki. Currently, the Supreme There are judges in the court. These three judges bought properties in 2016 with an area of ​​2.84 AR, 2.4 AR respectively at a price of 6 thousand Euros each”, says Tarnava.

According to him, the three judges confirmed the confiscation of their villas by the Prosecutor’s Office, and declared that the properties were purchased through legal procedures and documents from authorized institutions, same for the villas, He has declared that they were made with the permission of the concerned institution.

“According to the law, officials in this area are not able to issue construction permits in any form, as construction is prohibited by law. The confiscation of these properties, according to the documents, shows that this is the basis of the criminal code. have been done”, he asserts.

Tarnawa mentions that Enver Hoxhaj and Hashim Thai’s two brothers also have property there.

“Politicians on the published list include two brothers of former president Hashem Thai, Enver Hoxhaj, as well as a large number of businessmen, including those arrested during operations in Brezovica, but what has emerged and is expected That the most interest in the continuation of the process is how the procedures and procedures will proceed and be finalized with the data characteristics of the justice system, those who respect and follow the law. are committed and called to import,” he says.

“The bravery of this government in fighting organized crime is restoring the dignity of the population by increasing the belief that there are people who love this country, and will at any cost rid Kosovo of the crimes that have has taken over Kosovo as a whole. It has isolated them from all the international institutions of the world, and with such a fight Kosovo will regain its dignity”, Hajrullah Tarnava concluded.

Finally, Rasim Maluku, the prosecutor of the case from the main prosecutor’s office in Ferizaj, filed an indictment against 12 other people for abuse of official duties, use of influence, accepting and giving bribes, and carrying weapons without permission. There are allegations of possession.

The list is headed by Bratislav Nikolić, the former mayor of the municipality of Štrps, followed by Dimitrije Rececevic, director of urbanism, Hesni Bajrami and Dragomir Milošoljevic, both municipal construction inspectors in the municipality’s Directorate of Urbanization. Shtërpce, Saša Milosavleviq, as Head of the Cadastre Directorate in the Municipality of Shtërpce and as former Deputy of the Assembly of Kosovo, Arben Çitaku, as former Secretary General of the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning (MESP), Bedri Halimi MESP I as Chief Inspector.

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