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Dentist Accused of Killing Wife on Safari for Insurance Money

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Dentist Accused of Killing Wife on Safari for Insurance Money

The alleged murder happened back in 2016 but it was only 6 years later that this US dentist has been charged with the death of his wife.

Lawrence “Larry” Rudolph and his wife, Bianca Rudolph, took a trip to Africa. They were participants in hunting big game for two weeks. Everyone was shocked when towards the end of their vacation, Bianca was reported to have died after she sustained a fatal shotgun wound.

Larry claims that he was in the toilet at the time when he heard a gunshot. He said that his wife accidentally shot herself while she was packing their things. However, upon further investigation of the said incident, the 67-year-old individual was charged with both foreign murder and mail fraud.

Even still, the accused maintains his innocence. He even testified in his own defense after entering a not guilty plea most recently. Rudolph testified in his own defense which lasted for over two hours. At one point, he tells the jury, “I did not kill my wife.

I could not murder my wife. I would not murder my wife. ” According to the reports, he also read the eulogy that he had written for his late wife to the court.

Since 2016, Rudolph has said that he is innocent. However, the federal prosecutors believe that he had many reasons for killing his wife.

David Markus, Rudolph’s attorney, submitted a motion in January that detailed his client’s assets in an effort to dispel the rumors that his client had killed his wife in order to collect the insurance money they were entitled to. According to the motion, Rudolph has a dentistry practice that is worth $10 million overall. But that does not negate the fact that court documents appeared to have evidence that the accused collected $4.

8 million after his wife’s death.

Prosecutors also claim that Rudolph had been cheating on his wife of 30 years. His alleged motive for murdering his wife was to spend more time with his lover, Lori Milliron. That is why she is also being held accountable for the crimes of an accessory and perjury before a grand jury.

Rudolph denies these allegations saying that he and his wife had an open marriage. He claims that she knew he was seeing someone else, and he says they have agreed to have sexual relationships with other people while still maintaining their relationship.

The prosecution though appears to have a solid case suggesting that Milliron played an important role in Bianca’s killing.

In opening statements, they told the jurors that Rudolph was overheard saying: “I killed my f—g wife for you!” while he was having an argument with Milliron over dinner in 2020.

The prosecutors also claim that the victim’s wounds do not point to an unintentional shooting. According to the evidence, the shot that injured and killed Bianca Rudolph was fired from a distance of 2 to 3 and a half feet. So it was impossible for the shot to be accidental and did by Bianca as Rudolph alleged.

During an interview with the 48 Hours, retired FBI supervisory special agent and CBS News consultant James Gagliano said, “It boggles the mind that two experienced hunters, for this to have been an accident.”

Reports say that Rudolph’s two children do not believe that their father killed her mother. They’ve both put their names on papers vouching for him.

If found guilty, Lawrence Rudolph could be sentenced to death or life in prison.