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Customer Gave Waitress A Big, Generous Tip, Then She Was Fired After Accepting It

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Customer Gave Waitress A Big, Generous Tip, Then She Was Fired After Accepting It

Customer Gave Waitress A Big, Generous Tip, Then She Was Fired After Accepting It

It is a practice to give your server a tip before you leave the restaurant. This waitress received generous tips from a table she was serving. A local real estate firm had a company meal at the restaurant she was working at, Oven and Tap, in Bentonville.

And when the group left, they decided to pitch in $100 each and give it to their waitress, Ryan Brandt, and her coworker. We are talking about a massive group here giving them $100 to split between them. This is a group of more than 40 people. They ended up giving over $4,000 to each of the waitresses!

The story about this generous tip soon went viral and people loved it. Many people say that they deserved it.

In an interview with CBS 5, Grant Wise said, “We knew servers were really hit hard through COVID, and it was something that we had come up with to help give back.”

And of course, for Ryan Brandt and her colleague, it was a lifesaver…

Slowly, the news about this generous gift died down, but it has recently come back to the forefront when people learned that the waitress, Ryan, was fired because of it!

Despite her excitement after receiving the generous gift because finally, she can pay her student loans, Brandt’s shift supervisor informed her that she would have to split the money with another employee. Since Brandt’s coworker also received a tip, she was a little perplexed. An employee who didn’t even serve those customers should be receiving a portion of the tip as well according to the supervisor.

This did not sit well with Brandt. She had been working at the restaurant for over three years and she never had to do anything like that before. They never have to split a tip to other employees unless they all served that same table.

And when the head of the real estate company found out who gave Brandt the tip, he called the restaurant to clear things up. He told the supervisor that the tip was intended for Brandt and that he demanded it be given back to her and no one else.

The supervisor gave in, but then something else would happen…

The next day, Brandt received a call from her restaurant telling her she was fired. She was taken aback and unsure of what to do. Even though Oven and Tap explained afterwards that her losing the job was not related to the tip, Brandt sees that the connection to the incident and the timing seemed obvious.

Oven and Tap released a statement saying:

“After dining, this large group of guests requested that their gratuity be given to two particular servers. We fully honored their request. Out of respect for our highly valued team members, we do not discuss the details surrounding the termination of an employee.”

Grant Wise could not believe what happened. Because of that tip, the woman they wanted to help is no jobless. So he set up a GoFundMe for Brandt. Soon, the GoFundMe campaign raised over $8,700.

He also released his own video explaining what happened. Even though it is unclear why Brandt was fired, Wise believed it to be clear.