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Coffee Shop Owner Fed Up With Rude Customers, Posts Sign Outside His Doors

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Coffee Shop Owner Fed Up With Rude Customers, Posts Sign Outside His Doors

Everyone is expected to behave well and to show respect at all times, especially when in public. Unfortunately, it seems like there are some who forgot what their parents have taught them about good manners when they were young. This coffee shop owner is finally fed up with his rude and ill-mannered customers. So he decided to put a sign just outside his door to remind his customers that being respectful is important.

Austin Simms, the owner of The CUPS Coffee and Tea, shared that people need to learn how to be polite when they are ordering something. However, many people forget the importance of saying “Please And Thank You.” So to teach them a life lesson, he put up a sign outside.

His handwritten sign reads:

“One coffee” $5.00,

“One small coffee, please” $3.00,

“Hello, I would like a small coffee,” $1.75.

This only means that those who are being polite and respectful when ordering their cup of coffee get to save some money. For him, this will somehow teach his rude customers how to be polite to other people.

In his interview with WBBJ7, Austin explained why he thought of putting up the sign outside of his coffee shop. He said that he felt like it was his part to do something to solve the injustices that are going on around the world. He also added that those who are not being respectful will be charged more.

He further added that he is doing this so that he can also connect with other people.

Now, the sign did not only attract people who are passing by his coffee shop, but it has also got people on the internet talking!

Austin and his epic sign story were first published in the local newspaper. Then it was quickly picked up by the internet. And because of this, many people have visited the coffee shop to get coffee and also to see the sign.

The internet has also spoken and voiced their opinion about the sign. One person wrote, “Good for Him, people need to learn to have manners nowadays.” Some also stated that many people today have forgotten about the importance of having manners. Another user has commented on the sign saying that she does not understand how other people can easily forget about kindness.

You see, those who come into coffee shops are sometimes not in a good mood. They are tired and all they need is their caffeine fix to get them through the day. But this should not be an excuse to treat others poorly. A lot of people forget that the one that they are ordering from is an actual person.

The baristas want to make your day as pleasant as possible. It’s not only because it’s their job to do so, but also because they care.

That is why it is crucial that no matter how bad your day is, or if you have woken up on the wrong side of the bed and all you want is coffee. you have to treat people the way that you want to be treated. If you start doing it, others will follow. And if more people do that, then this world will be a much better place for everyone.