Chile: 2022 mobile data usage across the country increased by 33 percent

This is a machine translation of Entel’s press release

The past year has seen a gradual “return to normal”, with face-to-face sessions and work, as well as the return to massive festivals without capacity and the end of the mask.

In terms of technology, 2022 stood out for its 5G network deployment, when Entel reached 100% of the first phase one year ago and was able to operate in all regions and 270 communities and have more than one million customers. enables the use of this new technology.

What hasn’t changed is the trend toward mobile phones and devices that transmit data among mobile phone users across the country.

A new analysis of customer consumption behavior conducted by Entel has shown how the trend has been for several years that by 2022 the use of mobile data for work, entertainment or study increased by 33% compared to the National level. Among the regions with the highest growth compared to 2021 in December with 2022 in December, three stand out in Norte Grande; Tarapacá, Antofagasta and Arica and Parinacota saw significant increases of 78%, 72% and 68% respectively.

“2022 has been a busy and important year for Entel in terms of connectivity as we strengthened our mobile network in thousands of locations, especially those furthest away from city centers and requiring greater digital connectivity, e.g. as This is the case in Puerto Williams, where last November we launched the southernmost 5G network in the world. We are the leader in 5G communications in Chile, and our rapid deployment and investment have also allowed us to significantly strengthen our 4G infrastructure. That’s why mobile data traffic continues to grow, as we’ve given people more and better connectivity across the country,” said Manuel Araya, head of regulatory and business affairs at Entel.

Traffic peaks and main programs

November 12 and 13 the weekend in Santiago was special and very busy. In the middle of spring, heavy rain with hail and thunder fell on Saturday night, surprising everyone in the capital. Also, around midnight, a strong 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck the O’Higgins region, scaring residents and prompting some to evacuate. In this context, Sunday, November 13, was the peak mobile data traffic of the year. Also, Club Deportivo Magallanes won the Chilean Cup that day and the Primavera Sound festival closed with Travis Scott and Björk as headliners.

In turn, voice traffic peaked on March 7, when international news announced that Russia was ending a ceasefire after a week of attacks and was negotiating a humanitarian corridor to allow the people of Ukraine to leave. seized places.

On the other hand, when it comes to app usage, Entel analysis showed that 80% of all traffic is concentrated in just six apps: Instagram (20%), YouTube (16%), Facebook (14%), Netflix (10%). ), %) and TikTok (10%), while browser searches accounted for 10% of the total traffic. In this way, social networks and streaming continue to dominate the consumption and use of consumer data.

This is also reinforced by looking at the type of apps that are most popular. Social networks – 24 percent, streaming – 22 percent, and due to the larger shift, which was during the year without quarantine, transportation apps increased by 21 percent.

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