Inland Revenue widens the net to catch more tax dodgers

Content/Materials Inland Revenue wants to ensure that all payments are captured. The Inland Revenue will soon have wider powers to collect data on where people are spending money, to ensure businesses are paying the right amount of tax. The new rules come into effect from April 1 next year, requiring payment service providers, such as … Read more

Here’s how to save costs while building a home

Rising construction costs have made cost-savings a concern for people building or renovating homes, but there are new procedures on offer that aim to help. CoreLogic’s latest Cordell Construction Cost Index shows that costs are rising again in the three months ending in October. The cost of building a standard 200m² brick and tile house … Read more

Major airports to end 100ml liquid restrictions

An airport in Scotland has abolished security checks on passengers and their bags before boarding. Photo/Getty Images Some of Europe’s busiest airports have pledged to end liquid restrictions in hand luggage, thanks to a new technology that could finally make its way to New Zealand. Say goodbye to 100ml bottles and plastic glad bags. The … Read more

Mark Lister: Does FTX Collapse Spell Doom for Crypto?

There’s nothing wrong with ring-fencing a portion of your money to invest in risky opportunities like crypto, just don’t go overboard. Photo/supplied Comment: The FTX saga makes for uncomfortable reading, especially for anyone with funds caught up in this high-profile crypto collapse. This is unlikely to mean that the entire crypto landscape is doomed, although … Read more

Can an Apple, Google Twitter dump the Tesla phone?

Elon Musk is battling a celebrity exodus, advertiser backlash and new imposter accounts on Twitter. Photo / AP Rumblings of a Tesla phone are nothing new in speculative tech circles, but Elon Musk’s A$66 billion ($71b) takeover of Twitter may have brought it closer to reality – albeit reluctantly. The controversy surrounding Musk’s Twitter takeover … Read more

Musk plans to relaunch the Twitter Premium service

Twitter plans to relaunch its premium service that will offer different colored check marks to accounts, in the latest move to revamp the service after a previous attempt backfired. It’s the latest change in the social media platform that billionaire Tesla CEO Elon Musk bought for US$44 billion last month, a day after Musk said … Read more

WTF is a recession? | spinoff

A global recession is predicted for 2023, but what does it mean and how will it affect Aotearoa? New Zealand has experienced several recessions over the past few decades. There was a relatively brief period in the 2020s as the economy responded to the shock of the pandemic, but the last sustained recession was in … Read more