Binance Pay takes mobile top-up with cryptocurrency

Binance Pay is now allowing its users to top up their mobile phones with cryptocurrency under a new strategic agreement.

Binance Pay, a contactless cryptocurrency payment platform, has launched an international mobile phone top-up service that allows you to pay for calls, messages and data in cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency exchanges for sale Binancethe platform supports more than 70 cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH, BNB and BUSD.

Binance Pay’s new partnership with DT OneThe Singapore-based micropayment platform, which supports international transfers of mobile top-ups, data packs, game PINs and gift cards, enables the platform to offer a new mobile top-up service.

This allows Binance Pay users to route their mobile top-ups to selected telecom providers including AT&T, Saudi Arabia Telecom, Globe and AIS.

Peter De Caluwe, CEO of DT One

“Binance Pay’s partnership with DT One allows users to offer easier top-up services and more opportunities to use cryptocurrency,” the statement said. Packing Luke, Regional Head of Business Development at Binance Pay. “We look forward to working closely with more global partners like DT One to further develop the adoption of cryptocurrencies around the world.”

Peter DeCaluweCEO of DT One, says their partnership with Binance Pay is “another important step” in improving global consumer connections.

“Binance Pay and DT One bring fast, secure and low-cost mobile top-up solutions to more people, increasing financial inclusion,” he adds.

The possibilities of cryptocurrencies are expanding

The evolution of cryptocurrency adoption, as epitomized by this partnership between Binance Pay and DT One, is moving the technology from a new form of payment to a trusted form of tender that is becoming more common at checkouts around the world.

This trip is probably best known Demystifying cryptocurrency report, which published its latest edition in 2022.

In this edition, the report explores the use cases of cryptocurrencies in various scenarios. When it comes to trading specifically, the data shows that there has been a significant increase in the number of consumers who are actively willing to shop for digital currency.

According to the findings, 40 percent of 18- to 35-year-olds confirmed their willingness to use cryptocurrency as a legal means of payment; this consensus is a 10 percent increase over last year’s figures.

On the other hand, when surveyed, 80 percent of companies acknowledged that the ability to support cryptocurrency as a form of payment actively attracts new customers. Although the number of chargebacks has decreased, three out of five companies have experienced higher authorization rates when accepting cryptocurrency payments.

The report’s findings are supported by similar findings Paysafewhich found that four out of five cryptocurrency owners want to pay for goods in the real world through their cryptocurrency wallets.

Six months after these findings came to light, the partnership between DT One and Binance Pay addresses this need in a new way.

But while Binance itself is battling various regulatory investigations amid volatility in the broader cryptocurrency market, it’s hard to pinpoint the true impact of its mobile top-up service.

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