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The VRT radio station found the video in its archives late last year.

A Belgian television station has also found a 20-minute video in which Father Georges Lemaître, who was considered the “father of the Big Bang theory,” explains how the origin of the universe was.

Father Lemaître was a Belgian astronomer who is known for being the first academic to propose the theory of the expansion of the universe from the big explosion of what he called “the first atom” or “the egg of the universe. “

Until now, only photographs of Father Lemaître have been preserved, the most famous being the one in which he appears together with Albert Einstein.

Robert Millikan, Father George Lemaître and Albert Einstein after Father Lemaître’s lecture at the California Institute of Technology in January 1933. | Public space

However, the VRT television station recently found a video in which Big Bang’s father explains his theory.

Kathleen Bertrem of the VRT archives said in late December 2022 that finding this historical information was like “looking for a needle in a haystack” because the company placed the files its badly wide.

However, the television station found in its archives a tape of a French interview that producer Jerome Verhaeghe had with Father Lemaître on February 14, 1964, and broadcast it on time that.

Father Lemaître shows in the interview that the expansion of the universe was not accepted at first because it made the idea of ​​creation important.

In this video, the astronomer explains that “before the theory of the expansion of the universe, about 40 years ago. [in the 1920s]we expected the universe to stand still, because nothing changes.”

The priest says: “It was that idea, which is the first thing, that works in the whole universe.

However, the discovery of expansion made the idea of ​​an unchanging universe untenable.

The pastor and astronomer also said that this led him to talk about the Big Bang theory, describing it as “the first atom.”

He says: “There is a beginning that is very different from the state of the universe today, the beginning of abundance that can be explained, as far as we can explain it, in the form of the separation of all things in the form of atoms.

This expansion gives us “the universe, an expanding space filled with blood, with rays of energy going in all directions.”

Father Lemaître called these rays “the first fireflies,” preserved in space, “which give us evidence of the first age of the earth.”

The Belgian priest emphasized that he is trying to present his theory in scientific terms and that he is not interested in making his position considered a function of his faith.

The full video in French of the interview with Father Lemaître can be seen on VRT’s YouTube channel.

This story was first published by ACI Prensa, CNA’s Spanish news partner. Translated and edited by CNA.

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