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At Just 24-Years-Old She Weighed 663 Pounds. Now Look At Her Transformation After Looking 411 Pounds

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At Just 24-Years-Old She Weighed 663 Pounds. Now Look At Her Transformation After Looking 411 Pounds

Many of us find ourselves fighting with our weights and doing all kinds of things. Some people resort to taking portions, prescriptions and others have faith in working out and burning out the calories. When you know what you want, and you are determined then the results can be outstanding.

However, this is not to say that losing weight only depends on the faith. Some people do a lot of exercises and maintain their diet so as to get a fit body, but they are never successful.

However, let’s forget about the pessimistic part and focus on the fantastic story of Amber Rachidi, who made a tremendous change in her life. Amber featured in kick-off show season 3. She had a huge body, and it made her less confident. However, after 2014, Amber has lost 400 pounds, and her sense of confidence has flown back in.

In 2014, Amber had a big body and was 657 pounds. She faced many challenges like walking for a few minutes was not easy, and she would stand to rest after a few minutes of walk. It got even worse because she could not drive because she could not fit in her car.

The poor lady could not bathe herself but had to rely on a scrub brush. It was in this year that she filmed her My 600 Pound Life episode, whose mission was to help people with obese lose weight.

The show helped her so much. Amber began losing weight, more each day. However, no one can tell for sure how much because during her film, she had a contract with TLC, the channel that aired her show.

Some part of the deal restricted her on not sharing information about her weight. However, there have been rumors that she once was talking to a Facebook fan when she spoke of her excitement to have finally reached 250 pounds.

It was terrific, to imagine from 670 to 250. She did not stop at that and had continued losing some more pounds by the day.

So this is how she did it. She first started by watching her diet. She stopped taking a lot of foods with her level of cholesterol. She then concentrated on her physical exercises. It was the most intricate part because just walking a few miles was difficult, what about jogging around, doing press ups and sit ups, and also doing the squats.

However, she held on and worked hard. After a few weeks of exercise and healthy eating, Amber qualified for gastric bypass surgery.

She continued working even harder than before after the surgery. She knew for sure that the gastric surgery was to help her in her quest, but it was not the complete solution to everything.

She continued making positive results and has lost the alleged 400 pounds and more over time. Amber, however, did not stop after the astounding loss of weight. She has continued eating healthy homemade food and doing her exercise.

She has continued inspiring people. She says that being hopeful helps and that no time is ever too late for a new and right turn around. Amber further encourages that however much weight one may have, with focus, determination, hard work and knowing what you want, anyone can make it.

Seemingly, the natural ways of losing weight, that is exercise, and healthy diets work. It does not necessarily say that the artificial methods are not practical, but when we want to do it, then the artificial ways should be an aid, but our hard work and focus is the solution.