Another comprehensive US 5G report highlights T-Mobile’s dominance, but also AT&T’s tremendous progress.

How many times and in how many different ways can different analytics firms document, investigate and highlight T-Mobile’s dominance of the US wireless industry as far as 5G infrastructure is concerned?

You’ll probably find out the answer to that question if you keep looking at our site, but there’s a new report out now that unsurprisingly echoes the findings of (mostly) almost all similar research papers. made in the last couple of years.

T-Mobile 5 to Verizon 1.

It’s… not actually the worst defeat Big Red has ever recorded in a nationwide 5G battle, but it’s clearly a disappointing result for a company that (somehow) still posts the most customers among the top three US mobile networks operator.

Verizon’s only win is the latency department of Umlaut’s new innovation 5G network performance audit, and that’s for sure a It is hardly the main component of a strong, fast and stable cellular signal to the most important factor in ensuring a great overall user experience.
The combination of unrivaled speed, top-notch coverage and excellent stability can clearly make up for the (relatively slight) lack of latency to deliver an overall industry-leading 5G connection, and yes, you guessed it, that’s exactly what it is. T-Mobile is going for it.
Un-carrier is number one (yet again) in both 5G downloads and upload speeds, as well as 5G coverage and 5G stability, and while some wins are clearer than others, the overall result is undeniable… and likely to remain so for a long time to come.

In case you’re wondering, here are all the battles Magenta won in 2022 as well. in May… and in 2021 October… and 2021 in July, giving it another overall 5G score that AT&T and Verizon just can’t come close to.

But AT&T is coming (r)

At first glance, the third-largest U.S. wireless carrier is the single biggest loser in this latest comprehensive 5G report, as it has been many times in the recent and not-so-distant past.

And while it’s true that Ma Bell once again failed to win any major trophies, his overall 5G score represented the most significant improvement from America’s Big Three wireless club compared to last year.

IfIf AT&T can keep up this rate of progress (which is obviously a big “if” in such an ever-changing and ever-changing industry), T-Mobile’s supremacy could come under threat sooner or later.

Although it’s not entirely clear how, AT&T has pulled it off impressively almost to catch up to T-Mobile in the 5G coverage and 5G stability departments after 2022 lagging far behind the country’s leader, but still struggling to achieve significant advantages in terms of 5G latency and 5G upload speed.

Meanwhile, the battle for 5G download speeds… for second place is extremely close, but that’s thanks to AT&T’s solid progress and Disappointing lack of progress from Verizon.

Unfortunately, the numbers in umlaut charts and graphs aren’t the easiest to decipher and translate into something you might experience in the real world, but their relevance and credibility certainly remains, especially when they’re based on a whopping 11.6 billion. performed by more than one million “5G-enabled users” across the country from 2022. August 1 until 2023 January 15 Now that’s what we call a comprehensive report!

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