America’s Cup: Hamish Bond joins Team New Zealand

Hamish Bond has won gold medals in three consecutive Olympic Games. Photo / Getty

Hamish Bond’s incredible sports career has one more twist.

The Kiwi Olympic legend has joined Team New Zealand as they cycle to defend the America’s Cup in Barcelona in 2024.

Bond, a three-time Olympic gold medalist in rowing and also a State Games bronze medalist in cycling, joins Dougal Allan, Louis Crosby and Cameron Webster as recruits for the Cup defence.

Simon van Velthooven, Alois Sinclair, Marcus Hansen and Marius van der Pol return to captain the team from 2021, with skipper Sam Meech also on board.


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After three Olympic triumphs – two with Eric Murray in the doubles and one in the eight – as well as making the podium at the Commonwealth Games as a cyclist in the time trial, Bond is ready for another blossoming adventure.

“I’m excited to join,” said the 36-year-old. “It’s something that I knew was on the radar when I officially retired from rowing but to have the stars align and to be asked to try out for the team and be selected is something that got me excited about it.

“I’ve got memories of the America’s Cup going up to Sir Peter Blake and the red socks. I remember being on the side of the road during my cycle in the UK in the van, watching Pete and the team win the Cup back in Bermuda, so you’d think he’d be part of my story now really exciting

Bond kept himself in good shape for the possibility of joining the team.


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“At the end of last year, I was informed that there would be tests. I wanted to watch myself fit, I understood that the opportunity was there, but it wasn’t something I seriously thought about until probably later last year.

“When asked if I wanted to lend a hand, it was a bit of a no-brainer. I started training to get myself in the best shape I could. The fight is a brutal test that through – from everyone’s maximum effort to support the force.

“It’s been a great challenge and I’m looking forward to getting in between the rest of the cycles and really building the team camaraderie and pushing each other to produce the best performance when it comes to Cup day work.”

The link has not only been added to the impressive team of athletes, with Allan being a two-time Coast to Coast winner, while the multi-sport international champion is also the Wanaka course record holder.

Crosby is a former professional rower while Webster was part of the New Zealand Rowing Squad between 2016 and 2020.

Team New Zealand coach Kim Simperingham said the tests would find new grueling cycles.

“We had a really nice weekend of cycling testing for our existing teams as well as a list of potential new candidates who all took their bodies to the finish line for testing.

“The two main physical qualities that were sought” are athletes who can withstand the maximum force for the length of the race, up to almost half an hour, and athletes who can also achieve high peaks in power, which will be used. for course in course. “

Team New Zealand’s Blair Tuke, who has been intricately involved in the selection process, is excited by the tough team that has been formed around him ahead of the Cup in October 2024.

“We have a really powerful mix of America’s Cup and AC75 experience, fresh, hungry talent and raw potential, which I’m sure will excite us strongly by the time we line up for the first match of the America’s Cup.


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“To see what these guys are prepared to put themselves through in the test to qualify for the team will be really tough, and I have no doubt that they will apply the same effort to the whole team in the gym, in the shed and in the water throughout. campaign “

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