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Amazing Little Cabin To Can Buy On Amazon For $18,800

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Nowadays, you can buy almost anything online, including houses. Yes, you may order a log home building kit from Amazon and have it delivered to your construction site. This isn’t a full-sized house; instead, it’s a log cabin that may serve as a vacation retreat or an extension to your land. The extra unit might be used as a home office, a guesthouse, or even a rental unit. The Lillevilla Allwood Cottage Kit is a modest 292 square foot wood cabin kit with a bed loft that may also be used as storage. The Lillevilla Allwood cabin is part of Lillevilla’s classic line, which is sold throughout Europe. Smaller units, such as storage sheds and apartments, as well as playhouses for children, are also available.

This cottage kit includes everything you’ll need to build the model you see here, including the front patio. You’ll have more area to use in addition to the interior space if you have a terrace like this. You could even create an outside living room by putting out an outdoor sofa set and a coffee table. Place a dining set outside for some meals. While out on the patio, the roof rafters will provide some additional protection from the sun and rain.

The cabin kits include all of the 16mm thick floors as well as the membrane-covered roofing material, but the shingles or roofing material must be purchased individually through the company’s website. There are also iron storm rods placed in the wood in the cabin components, which will help with weather resistance and stability. You’ll also receive all of the produced logs, as well as the doors and windows for the model shown. The kit also includes the nails, nuts, and screws needed to put the cottage together. For larger cabins, you should check with your local housing authority to see if you’ll need a permit to construct the cottage on your property. Buildings under 400 square feet can usually be constructed without a permission, however this varies by location. You can even engage one of their contractors to assist you set it up if you live in one of the nations where the cabins are distributed. It is, however, simple enough to put up with the assistance of a few others.

Available for sale at Amazon.