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After Her Husband Died From What Looked Like A Common Bug Bite, Wife Shares Story To Save Other Lives

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After Her Husband Died From What Looked Like A Common Bug Bite, Wife Shares Story To Save Other Lives

How seriously do we take the small bites we get from random insects? If we don’t care much, then the story below is a reason why we should.

Chrissy Naticchia suffered the loss of her husband to a bite they did not even remember ever happened. Her husband started feeling unwell, showing some weird signs and symptoms. He had a severe fever. Chrissy recounts that at times he would sweat so much until he would have to change his clothes and the bed sheet.

Chrissy was worried most especially because she had never seen him sick. She, therefore, took him to the hospital.

However, when the doctors diagnosed him, they did not find any illness. The doctors were not able to find out what the problem was. They gave him something to reduce his fever. The sweating stopped, but the sickness continued rapidly, making him even weaker.

Chrissy took him to Urgent Care, and this time they tested him and found out that the problem was in the kidney, and it was a dangerous infection. They gave him some antibiotics to reduce his fever. The sweating stopped, but the illness continued rapidly, making him even weaker.

The sickness got worse each day. The husband, however, tried to stay strong and even went to work. One day it got so severe he had to leave work and hurry to the emergency room. The sickness was progressively growing, weakening him day by day. After around 12 hours, the doctors put him on a ventilator.

The doctors determined that the liver, as well as the kidneys, were shutting down. The doctors did not have much expertise to deal with such a case. They, therefore, sent him to doctors who specialize in that area. There they established what the problem was.

The doctors said that he was suffering from an illness caused by a tick bite, and the disease is called Babesia or Nuttallia. They further explained that the condition has fatal effects since it attacks red blood cells.

The couple started feeling relieved as there was now some progress. And when the doctors prescribed some drugs for him, the woman got even more hopeful. However, her relief was short-lived, when she was at home at 4.30 AM, the doctors called her to come over to the hospital. They said that the condition was getting worse and that her husband’s blood pressure was getting lower and lower.

It was not long before the doctors dropped the bomb on her; her husband was dead. The frustration flowed in. She could not imagine how just a tick bite could take away her loved one from her.

Chrissy thought it wise to help other people out there who were not aware how dangerous insect bites could be. She knew she did not want anyone to lose her husband, wife or child because of such minor reasons.

She started educating people about stuff related to this. She goes on, painfully saying that the bite robbed her son of his father and therefore he was not going to get someone to teach him all the things that a father needs to show his son.

Chrissy further talks of how her husband was a good man who would sacrifice anything for his family.