A week after the salary increase debate, the Google recruiter loses his job while interviewing the candidate

New Delhi: A Google employee working in human resources was waiting for a raise in what she called her “dream job” when she found out she had been fired by the tech giant during an interview with a candidate. He was oblivious.
In a LinkedIn post that went viral, Dan Lanigan Ryan He said he was locked out of the system in the middle of the interview, bringing an “abrupt end” to his 16 months at Google.

“Unfortunately, last Friday I was fired from Google along with thousands of other people. Just over a year ago, I landed a dream job at a dream company. I was walking the dog when my recruiter called and told me that the role was open. I got it. And I almost choked the poor skewer I was celebrating so much.”
16 months later, not expecting such an abrupt end, I logged out in the middle of a call. My contract was just renewed for another year and I moved to the Cloud Sales recruiting team. (an area that is seeing huge growth) and just a week ago there was talk of a wage increase, I was surprised.”

While thanking her colleagues for their support, she asks to be “seen” on the social media platform and wants to start working again.
“I am forever grateful for everything I have learned and all the wonderful people I have had the pleasure of working with. I would like to thank my managers Emma Dolly Ronayne, Marie Claire Kennedy and Jo Morgan and my friends Yasmin Hussain. And Rocco Sec Your continued support was instrumental in my success.” “I’m ready to go and look forward to taking everything I’ve learned and gained to my next position, wherever that may be.”

Google parents Alphabet Inc. recently announced that it is cutting about 12,000 jobs due to “different economic realities” and doubling down on artificial intelligence (AI). Alphabet is facing competition from Microsoft, which is reportedly looking to increase its stake in ChatGPT — a chatbot that answers questions with human-like answers.
The job cuts will affect 6 percent of the workforce and leave thousands behind laying off In tech giants including Amazon.com Inc ( AMZN.O ), Microsoft Corp ( MSFT.O ) and Meta Platforms Inc ( META.O ).
Sundar Pichai, Alphabet’s chairman since 2019, said in a memo to employees that he took “full responsibility” for the decisions that led to the layoffs. This is a moment to “develop our focus, reengineer our cost base and direct our talent and capital to our highest priorities,” said Pichai, whose pay has recently been tied more to performance, as Alphabet seeks to make its products smarter. Artificially impregnated more. , echoing Microsoft’s comments on job cuts.

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