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A Mom’s Tough Love Letter to ‘Independent’ Son Is Still Going Viral Years Later

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A Mom’s Tough Love Letter to ‘Independent’ Son Is Still Going Viral Years Later

A Mom’s Tough Love Letter to ‘Independent’ Son Is Still Going Viral Years Later

Having a teenager is not easy. That is why back in back in 2015, single mom Heidi Johnson knew that she had to do something drastic to get her son to obey and respect her. At the time, Aaron was 13 years old.

The teenager didn’t think he had to respect and follow his mother’s rules. He would ignore her requests to do chores at home or even his homework. Instead, he would spend most of his time on his electronic devices.

You see, Aaron is a YouTuber. And since he’s already making a little bit of his own money at such a young age. With this small success, he thought he no longer needed to do anything else at home or give more focus on his studies. And that didn’t sit right with his mother. That’s when Heidi had enough. She knew that her son needed some “tough love” lesson.

While he was at school, Heidi wrote him a letter to her son. She wrote:

“Since you seem to have forgotten that you are only 13, and I’m the parent and that you won’t be controlled, I guess you will need a lesson in independence.”

She then continued to say that since he thinks he is already making his own money, he can pay her back for what she bought and gave him. This includes the basic necessities like lightbulbs and the clothes that he wears. She also gave him a list of what he owes her, such as rent and electricity.

She then gave him some chores that he needed to do since he felt that he was already “independent. ”

To conclude the letter, she wrote: “If you decide you would rather be my child again, instead of roommate, we can renegotiate terms.”

Heidi then took a photo of the letter, posted it on Facebook, and pinned it on her son’s bedroom door. When she posted it online, she thought that only close friends and family would be able to see it. That’s why she was shocked when the very next day, her account had 100 new Facebook requests. Then, the letter she wrote for her son went viral!

Of course, it was expected for her son to be furious after finding the note. Heidi shared, “He crumpled the letter, threw it to the floor, and stormed out of the apartment.”

At first, he said that his mom would not do what she said in the letter. But an hour later, he seemed to have realized that she was serious. So he took his television from the bedroom and a few other things he thought he should need back.

Then, he said sorry…

Although it has been six years since Heidi wrote this letter to her son, the message is still relevant especially today. People online are still reacting to it, commenting, and sharing the message all across social media platforms.

How about you? Have you ever had to set your foot down and give your child a lesson on tough love?

Sometimes, teenagers can be difficult to deal with. They say that it’s a ‘phase’ that they will soon get over with. But before things go wrong and worse for them, it is important for parents to do what they think is right for their children.