7 Fixes for Missing Slack Notifications on MacOS

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I use Slack to chat with people at work. When you work remotely, you can’t bang your head against the cubicle wall or stop someone at the coffee machine. Email has always been around, but tools like Slack help provide the kind of real-time communication we all value when we work within walls like our coworkers.

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Recently, Slack stopped emitting alert sounds when my coworkers or editors posted messages — even messages that I had replies to. Since I have a very busy desktop with a whole mess of windows open at once, I can’t just keep a Slack window open, up, and on my main screen like if someone sends a message. Is.

Slack notification sounds are mission critical to my workflow. But they were gone. I’m not sure what made them go away, though I suspect it happened when I upgraded my Mac from Ventura 13.0 to 13.1. In any case, I’ve returned them now. If you have a similar problem, I have some suggestions.

Make sure your workspace preferences enable notifications.

First, let’s clarify some terms. Slack workspaces are typically organizational groupings that span multiple channels (or topics). Slack channels are discussion areas within a workspace.

I belong to a number of workspaces that range from organizations I work with directly to professional groups where members talk about related topics (think Facebook groups, but on Slack). While I often dive into professional workplaces, I don’t want notifications from them to hold me back. but I what I want notifications from my coworkers to ping me in real time.

Start by checking your workspace preferences. Click the small arrow next to the workspace name (1) and then click Preferences (2).


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Next, let’s make sure workspace notifications are turned on by customizing Notify me (1).

For my core work team, I want all new messages. Other workplaces vary between wanting to know if someone is talking directly to me, or just wanting to turn off notifications entirely so I can check them when I have a break. You can also customize how you want your mobile devices to notify you (2).


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Finally, it’s good to know if you’re being asked to join a huddle or getting thread replies, so turn them on (3).

I had it all right, and still I wasn’t getting notifications.

Check that your system sound is on.

So, before I get into that, let’s just get the basics out of the way. Make sure your system sound is turned on and is playing through your desired output device. It wasn’t my problem this time, but I’ve definitely had situations where I’ve left the sound on a random device and then wondered why I couldn’t hear anything. Yeah, big duh.

Make sure your Mac allows notifications from this app.

Ok, now let’s go to Mac notification settings. I’m showing you the revised settings panel for Ventura, but if you’re running an older version of macOS, just look for notifications in the settings search bar.


IMAGE notification settings

Here, you’ll want to click on Notifications (1) and then scroll down the left column until you find Slack (2) and click on it.

Pop Quiz: What’s wrong with this picture?


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Yes, notifications were turned off. No wonder I wasn’t getting Slack alerts. Just tap it and turn it back on.


IMAGE Slack notifications

much better. And that, dear reader, ends our story of how David lost his Slack notifications but got them back.

More Slack Notification Tips

Here’s a quick lightning round with more things you might want to check out.

Did you block notifications? When you click on your profile icon, you can pause your notifications for a period of time. You can also set a notification schedule in Notification Preferences, so make sure your schedule allows you to receive notifications.

If you are using Windows, You can also set system notification preferences. Go to Settings → System, then Notifications and Actions. There is an option to receive notifications from apps. Make sure Slack is enabled.

Both Mac and Windows now have a focus feature. which bustles with information. Check to see that you are in a focus that allows notifications.

Remove Mute All Sounds from Slack: This option is also in Workspace Preferences, but you have to scroll down to the Notifications tab to see it.


So there you go. More information in your life. This is good, when you need to keep in touch with your colleagues. This is what you wanted, right? Okay fine?

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I don’t have all the answers about balancing work and productivity, but maybe you do. Let us know how you handle Slack (and all other notifications) in your life. Please comment below and share your pain, er, stories. Yes, stories. This is the ticket…

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