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492 Sq Ft Tiny Home with Porch is Luxurious Living

  • 3 min read

A ‘small’ home by Texas standards, it’s no surprise that this one bath tiny house with a porch spans 40 feet in length. With enough room to make multiple layouts possible along with optional add-ons, you get an affordable, spacious and towable residence which is worthy of your shortlist.

Huge porch outside the main entrance of one bath tiny house

Hold on! That’s not it yet. Keep scrolling and take a virtual tour to learn everything about this Texan home forward and backwards:

Tiny Home Size

  • 40’ long
  • 12’ wide
  • 492 sq ft area

Tiny Home Price

$59,900, located in Fort Worth, TX.

Tiny Home Features

  • With financing available for qualified buyers, you can become a homeowner in a few months instead of years!
  • A one bath tiny house with a porch is always welcome, and the one that comes with this home can accommodate up to 2 seats and a small table.
  • A land option is also available, meaning you get a full-fledged living premises for a fraction of the price of a typical home.
  • If you prefer the option of having a bedroom on the main floor instead of a loft, this one should be right up your alley.

On the exterior, the home has a contemporary look with matching color accents. There aren’t a lot of windows, but enough to ensure sufficient airflow and lighting. This can be confirmed once you head inside, where modern-hued walls are met with splashes of rustic on the kitchen cabinetry.

Huge open area can be remodeled with the sleeping space or can be a living area

You are greeted with a super spacious living area where the number of possible layouts is near limitless. Are you the host/hostess who wants a ton of seating arrangements and a large table in between while everyone enjoys some TV? Or maybe you want a minimalistic setup where you can use the extra space as a work area? Sky’s the limit.

The kitchenette is another place where you are given a super spacious area to work with. While some essential cabinetry and appliances are included, there is still a lot of room for expansion, making it reminiscent of a typical kitchen.

Kitchen area is huge with all the necessary appliances

The hallway leads to the bedroom at the end and the bathroom on the right. In the bedroom, you get enough room to comfortably house a queen-size bed with cabinets on the walls for extra storage. The bathroom comes with a toilet, sink, shower and bathtub.

To sum it up, folks who are looking for a tiny house with a porch, financing, an option for land and a huge area to work with will find themselves swooning over this one.