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105-Year-Old Meets Great Grandson For The First Time

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105-Year-Old Meets Great Grandson For The First Time

105-Year-Old Meets Great Grandson For The First Time And His Reaction Is Priceless

It’s very rare for someone to have the opportunity to meet their great-grandparents. Most of the time, the elderly in the family have already passed away by the time their great-grandchildren are born. That’s why for this great grandad, getting the chance to meet his great grandson for the first time was a very touching experience.

Susan and Jason Zwolak were overjoyed to welcome their son Easton into the world, and they couldn’t wait for him to meet his great-grandfather, Pop, who was 105 years old at the time. Susan, Pop’s granddaughter, revealed that he was thrilled about Easton’s birth too. Easton will be Pop’s first great grandchild.

They brought Easton to meet the centenarian just five days after he was born. Pop was completely overcome with joy when he saw the baby boy for the first time!

At first, Pop was afraid to hold Easton. He told Susan and Jason that he could not hold the baby. When they asked him why, he shyly said, “I might drop him.”

But with great reassurance that he would be okay, that’s when he agreed to hold out his arms for Baby Easton. Susan shared, “We brought him home on a Saturday, and on Sunday we took him over. We never anticipated what we saw … the hugs, the look in his eye.”

People all throughout the world who have seen the video of this heartwarming moment can’t help but be emotional too. They too were truly touched watching for the first time as Pop held Easton. A video of this moment has now gone viral and if you watch it, no doubt you will understand why Pop is now receiving worldwide attention.

Since this first meeting, Pop and Easton have been inseparable. Jason shared, “We use (Easton) to really push Pop. On days when he’s down… we say, ‘You want to see Easton walk, see him talk.’”

The elderly loved ones in the family may feel lonely and down at times. According to NHS online, “Older people are especially vulnerable to loneliness and social isolation – and it can have a serious effect on health. But there are ways to overcome loneliness, even if you live alone and find it hard to get out.”

Even though some cannot stand the noise and ruckus brought about by small children, there are seniors who love to have kids around the house, just like Pop.

For grandparents and great grandparents, a close relationship with the kids in the family can help them feel loved and appreciated. The attention they receive from their grandchildren is generally a top priority for them. When they are still able to, they would love to play games, read stories, or engage in other activities. This has a positive effect on both the elderly and the youngsters.

And for Pop, just by sitting beside Easton or simply seeing the little boy gives him joy and happiness. Something that every elderly loved one in the family deserves to feel and experience.

That is why Pop is very lucky to have grandchildren care for him. And now that he meets his first great grandchild, there is no doubt that they would be able to share more memories together. Easton is also very lucky to have been able to meet Pop.